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So, you’ve got your tickets and really excited for the show… You get to the show and there are 30,000 people, 15,000 traders, 200 seminars, suddenly this business trade show has turned into the Monday morning London commute (utter madness).

Kid in a candy store? Not quite.

Let’s make this experience memorable for the right reasons and start! Our team have come up with 10 tips to help you make the most of your experience at the show.

1. Before The Show

Before the show

Checklist at the ready, what do you want to achieve from your visit to the show? It’s so important to have personal and professional goals set. Do you want to have 50 new connections, a better understanding of SEO and ROI or both? Have these outlined so you are setting yourself up to win.

2. Materials

This is going to have all your key information on it from parking, cash points, cloakrooms, food and drink, lost property and entry. Get a list of these on your phone ready to go for the show, that will save you rummaging for the show booklet in your 5 bags of leaflets!

3. Hotlist

Hotlist of speakers

Check the speakers and seminars list, don’t get bogged down by hundreds. Ensure you’ve got a system in place not to miss them, include back up seminar options. The traffic light system is an awesome tool to use: Green – must see, Orange – beneficial and could see, Red – any extra’s. Additionally develop a lead form to record vendor names, products and contact information.

4. Navigate

Navigate your way

Almost every trade show offers map prior to the event (The Business Show Floor Plan) so get this and plan your journey! What’s close to the food stalls, decided where to visit before lunch, so you’ve not got a 15 minute crawling match with 250 other people. What’s closest to your must see seminar?

5. Appointments

Make appointments

Make appointments ahead of time, if there are visitors that you really want to speak with, this will not only get you ahead of the competition, but builds up that rapport already before you meet them. P.S – A great tip is to locate a coffee spot ahead of time and have their contact details at the ready beforehand.

6. Network (that’s why you’re there no?)

Extra Opportunities

Extra networking, especially with top industry leaders. Try and get invited to exhibitors hospitality receptions, most trade/business shows have these. At workshops and seminars introduce yourself to everybody.

7. Review

Report and review

Write a report as you go along, blog and video blog your experience throughout and don’t forget to summarise your notes each evening to give you goals to set for the next day.

8. Keep Things Comfortable

Keep comfortable

These trade shows last hours, do you want to be walking around in heels, with 30 bags and 2 jackets? Thought not. Comfortable shoes, lightweight clothes, business cards and a backpack. Taking the hipster trend to the business world.

9. Avoid

Avoid conversation

Avoid conversations with vendors you have no interest in, this will waste your time and there’s.

10. Leaving

Leaving the show

Make sure you leave the show about 30 minutes before closing to avoid long lines for buses and cabs.

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