Whether youíre a start-up, established business or nonprofit; creating video content is a must in today’s world. Our team has come up with 10 ways you can very easily implement video.

Once youíve finished watching/reading this, we donít want to hear any excuses – ready, set, record!

movies-1262361_1920 1. Video Blogs

Content has taken over from broadcast marketing, so video blogs are now here to help you attract, engage and convert prospects into customers. They are also ideal for humanising your brand and your business. People want to meet the face behind a business. This also builds trust a lot quicker!

2. Public Relations

Whether you’re launching a product, service or campaign, video can create a meaningful story. By choosing to use video prior to a launch, you can drum up support beforehand and even gain a further insight into your target audience prior to the launch. This puts you ahead of your competition before you even kick things off!

3. Events

By filming your event you now have access to recycling the content, allowing you to create short social videos. You could then use the videos to promote your company, raise awareness or simply sell tickets for your future events.

4. Internal Communications

Using video in a large organisation can simplify and improve internal communications. After all, your employees are more likely to take on board a message from a video than from a tedious presentation or long email. Teams working remotely from around the globe can also grasp the changes that are being implemented, improving effectiveness. Video can also provide a platform for performer appreciation.

people-1355497_19205. Customer Support

Convert your FAQ page into videos and you’ll be the first in the industry. People donít want to spend 30 minutes trawling through 50 FAQís when they can see their questions answered within minutes by the department Director.

6. Training

You can create onboarding videos for staff to watch and become further integrated into your company. Not to mention storytelling makes learning relatable – we think in narratives all day long!

7. Social Videos

These bite-sized (15-30 second) videos are easily digestible and even easier to share. Now social networks are rolling out native video and demonstrating its value it’s essential for all businesses to leverage. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have their own video features and let’s not forget live videos. †

8. Promotional Video

This is the standard that every business should have. Why? Because it works. Did you know that businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than other organisations who donít.

Having a well crafted promotional video can really help you achieve results, like user engagement promotion and as a result, increased enquiries coming to your business. TV and radio promotional days are long behind us, thanks to the rise of social networks.

sport-927760_19209. Product Demonstration

A powerful demo video gives people the opportunity to see what the products are like and how they work without physically being there. You can also showcase why specific features are included and how these simplify the process of solving your customer’s problem. Who needs a 50-page manual when you can watch a simple product demonstration video?

TOP TIP: Talk about the benefits of the feature, not the actual feature itself.

10. Customer Case Studies

Almost 9/10 customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The problem that video testimonials clear up is the lack of trust, which can occur on written testimonials. After all, these can be fake or even spam. Case study videos can quickly instil confidence and trust with the visual authenticity of a real life customer experience.


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