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Video Marketing Trends for 2019

It is 2019, and we are back with the blog! Happy Belated New Year (even though it feels like an eternity ago!), here are five video-related trends for this year, that, well, I think are really going to be big!

1. Instagram

It’s not uncommon knowledge that Instagram is a popular platform for marketing these days, and not only just for Valencia-filtered selfies and food photos. However, this year it is stepping up to the next level after it’s mother-platform, Facebook has limited organic, unpaid marketing, after its issues with misinformation and false news in the past years.

Nonetheless, with over 1 billion active users a month, Instagram’s branded content engagement is almost ten times more of that than Facebook content. With its Stories and IGTV features having also taken off, these are great functionalities for targeted reach and high engagement – making it an ideal platform for video content.

2. Internal Talent

In the last few years, the idea of using celebrities and popular public figures to promote products and services has skyrocketed, giving birth to a generation of ‘influencers’. This idea is most definitely here to stay but doesn’t always guarantee financial return or success.

However, brands are now using internal talent to showcase their products and services; ‘How to’ videos, etc. put together by specialists in the team. Many creative agencies are already implementing this, allowing target audiences to connect and build a relationship with the team – it sells your product and the quality of service you also provide.

3. The Second Screen Phenomenon

This, we’re all guilty of; you’re scrolling through your Facebook, or YouTube or Amazon on your smartphone, whilst you watch TV. This is becoming more and more common; so much so that in 2017 75% of adult were participating in this second screen phenomenon, and is estimated to increase to over 80% in 2019.

Brands are finding ways to capitalise on this idea, with video being at the forefront. Researchers are suggesting that the second screen could become just as, or even more influential in online habits this year.

4. Six-Second Ads

People have less and less time nowadays, or so it feels like it, but it’s more so that our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter and that we have more and more information at our fingers. As a results, trends are turning towards shorter ads, to capture target audience’s attention. Research suggests that 90% of six-second ads drive ads to be recalled easier and increased brand awareness by 61%. This is something that I can highly agree with – shorter but more informative content.

5. Video Content Agencies

Video agencies have been around for a while now, becoming more and more of a popular concept as businesses attempt to diversify themselves and stand out from the crowd. And as the demand for diverse types of video content grows, as does the demand for video agencies. Target audiences are drawn to high quality, novel concepts that brands may not be able to put together in-house, and thus turning to video agencies (yes, that’s where we come in!).

So, those are five of the biggest trends for the coming year, I know the team and myself will be incorporating these at Cincera. How about you?

What are your thoughts about these trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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