Have you been faced with troubles finding the right video production company to partner with?

We’re on it with some handy tips!

Hiring a production team to create videos for your business can be a big investment but one that’s worth it. If you end up with a great company, you’ll have incredible videos which markets your company effectively. Choosing a video company can be risky, you pay a little up front for a video that hasn’t been created. Build trust with the production company you hire.

Tip 1: Previous Portfolio!

Find a video production company that’s worked with somebody in your industry before for exactly that reason. They understand the way to make that video, what needs to be in the video to create the perfect responses and essentially achieve your goal.

Tip 2: Shop Around!

Approach several companies and find the one that best matches you! Study their portfolio’s, after all it’s no use if you are a bakery and that agencies solely worked with cars! (Although it’d be an interesting combination).

Look at the other types of businesses they’ve worked with, could any of these be beneficial in future to help your business? Could any of these be part of your future partnerships?

Tip 3: Meet Them!

Knowing your potential partnership on a human level is absolutely key, you may know them digitally, but in order to build that relationship you need to be on the same page. This gives you a deeper sense of who they are, how they operate and their personalities both on a personal and professional level. A name to a face will build that trust and gives the agency an insight into your personality and character too!

We here at Cincera take pride in meeting all of our clients before and ensuring they are both right for us and for them.

Meet them, make sure they are the right fit and put those deadlines in place.

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