UPDATED: The team at Cinceraare constantly looking for ways to add value to the way our friends and business partners market themselves. We went back and reviewed how online video can truly boost customer service – here are our thoughts!

Customer service has varied opinions and it can make or break your business. As more and more people are making purchases online, there is greater need for amazing customer service. Your ultimate aim is to build a relationship with your customers so they feel safe and trust you. You want them to keep coming back.

Here are 3 simple ways you can use video to boost your online customer service:

1. Create FAQ Videos

Why keep FAQ in text only? Lets take it a step further by converting your FAQs into a small bite size videos. This way, you are diversifying your brand, letting your audience know that you are willing to take out the time to create something catered specifically to them, answering their questions.

2. Create Product Demo Videos

One of the cons of having an online business is that the customer cannot tangibly touch or test your product. Doing a demo video can help make buying a product more positive, this can win their trust instantly, as you have taken the time out to show them where their money is being invested. This will ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction.

According to Invodo studies have showed that 52% of customers who watch a product video make them more confident about purchases.

3. Social Video

Its important you and your videos are available on the main social media platforms for example YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your videos on social media channels will let you reach out to a wider audience, gain greater feedback and give you more information to create video content for them.

This forum helps to drive engagement with your brand and create conversations for to serve your customers in a positive way.

You can log onto your Facebook page for example and ask customers for feedback on their latest purchase from you and if they have any questions, by collecting these questions you can turn your answers into a video. This shows the customers you have gone to great lengths to think about them, making you more approachable.

Just a few ideas on how video can be used to help your brand develop. If you have other ideas or love the ones we have here and want to discuss further, get in touch with us 0208 123 5147 or fill out the form below and well contact you