On this episode of getDigital, Bhavik interviews Adam Baetu, a Facebook Ads Specialist and Director of Online Marketing Now. Their conversation dives deep as they tackle all about Facebook Ads, how conversation is the new lead, and how to get more intimate in Facebook using advertising. Also, stay tuned to hear Adam’s cool targeting hacks.

  “You’ve got to have a relationship with somebody on Facebook in order for them to become a customer of yours. And that relationship takes time.”

-Adam Baetu


00:50 – Adam’s professional and business background.

02:01 – The new Facebook algorithm for setting up Facebook Ads.

02:50 – Facebook’s tracking and retargeting capabilities.

03:43 – Building customer relationships on social media.

04:55 – How to create unbeatable Facebook ads campaign through authentic relationship building.

05:30 – Number of B2B and B2C touchpoints is needed to get a conversion.

06:33 – Examples of retargeting strategies: lead magnet, white paper, and email opt-ins.

08:41 – Different ad models: cost per lead and cost per acquisition, knowing your marketing campaign cost-effectiveness and budget.

10:02 – How people get intimate with Facebook.

11:49 – Design and targeting tips for effective Facebook ads that get results.

14:39 – The difference between Facebook Boost and Facebook Ads.

16:06 – Adam’s ultimate Facebook retargeting hacks to help maximize your conversion.

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