On this episode of The Digital Download, Bhavik interviews Akash Desai of The Business Warrior. Akash dives deep as he tackle the importance of having a mind, body and business harmony. He also shares his business expertise. Also, stay tuned to hear Akash share his ultimate steps on how to run a business like a warrior.

 “Failure is natural. Take learnings, move on, get back up and keep going.”

– Akash ‘The Business Warrior’ Desai


02:12: Akash’s ventures – web design business, hotel consultancy and property sourcing business

03:27: He defines what is a learning curve

04:04: The correlation of his business life to his business life

09:49: Step 1 – Train and work in the business

12:17: Akash’s 45-minute challenge working on your business challenge

13:51: Step 2 – Maintain your focus

19:37: How multitasking moves us away from being present

20:26: Step 3 – Attack in combination

22:01: The importance of knowing customer experience

23:50: Step 4 – Hit with accuracy

26:26: Step 5 – Counter Punching. Anticipate your every move

30:08: Step 6 – Know your why

33:32: Akash shares his business failure, how he took the learnings and moved forward

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