From the animated safety video on a flight, to a medically-informed video at the doctors, explainer videos are a great way of conveying messages and explaining complex ideas in simple and engaging ways.

What makes a good explainer video? Yes, the sleek visuals, but also the voiceover. Most professionally-crafted explainer videos have a professional voiceover to match. On first thought, the voiceover seems like the bit you add on at the end, to top off the video but it’s actually pretty important, as it’ll be explaining the majority of the information you want to convey in the video. If you’re still not convinced, here are four reasons to use a professional voiceover specialist…

Professional Voiceover Artists Come with Experience

Professional voiceover artists come with experience. Of course, do your due diligence (and do check that they have experience!) but most of the time they will have been recording for a long time. They’ll also have the knowledge to understand and amend their tone of voice, speed and pitch accordingly to suit the tone of your explainer video and thus deliver well. It’s also a huge bonus if they have previously worked on marketing and advertising projects.

Professional Voiceover Artists will have a Recording Studio

“Is it worth the expense?” I hear you mutter to yourself as you read this. As a video producer, my answer is yes. Whilst the expense of a voiceover is something to consider, the likelihood of the professional voiceover artist having a recording studio is high, saving you an arm and a leg to find a studio yourself. The recording studio and equipment means that you can add effects and have clean recording files, also making it ideal for delivering voiceover files electronically. It will all also saving you a lot of time in attempting to record the voiceover for your explainer video yourself!

Professional Voiceover Artists Offer Versatility and Authenticity

As I mentioned before, a voiceover artist will be more likely to be able to deliver what they promise to meet the needs of your explainer video. They will have experience in applying direction, especially if they have experience in working or stage or on screen, so their ability to be adaptable in their delivery will mean that they can listen to your direction and amend their intonation accordingly. Be sure to listen to their demo videos on their website, or request a sample directly from them to give you an insight into their versatility.

Professional Voiceover Artists Know your Audience

The experience and knowledge of a voiceover artists also means that they will know your audience, this way they can amend their voice to captivate your viewers and deliver the information required, all in an engaging and relatable way to top off your explainer video. Win-win really!

So there we have it, I hope you’re convinced! And if you’re looking into finding a professional voiceover artist for your next explainer video, it’s all as simple as a quick Google search!

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