On this episode of getDigital, Bhavik interviews Sajan Shah, a young entrepreneur and a candidate at BBC Apprentice 2017. Their conversation dives deep into entrepreneurship, being a young business owner and the barriers that come with that. Also, stay tuned to hear Sajan share BBC Boardroom lessons he learned being an apprentice.

“You can do anything in the world that you want, if you put your head into it.”

Sajan Shah


01:17 – All about Sajan

01:55 – Sajan’s BBC The Apprentice experience

02:33 – His takeaways upon being when he got fired from the show

03:31 – What Sajan’s turning point to joining The Apprentice was

04:16 – Sajan shares his first boardroom experience

06:56 – He talks about his recruitment business

09:08 – Who are millennials, what do they do and what are their capabilities, according to Sajan

10:52 – How millennials impact the business industry especially the recruitment process

14:30 – Recruitment and job matches for millennials

17:49 – Impact of social media to his business

21:01 – Sajan’s advice on how to start a business

22:45 – His advice to young entrepreneurs

24:55 – Sajan’s take on the importance of having balance in everything you do

25:55 – His thoughts on taking business risk

26:12 – The obstacles he experienced in his business and how he overcomes them

29:22 – How being a young entrepreneur balance personal and social life

30:46 – Advantages and risks of joining The Apprentice

31:41 – What is next for Sajan

Connect with Sajan

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