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What Others Say About Us

“Owning a business who’s reputation is top of my list I only deal with business’s who have the same ethos. Passion oozes from Bhavik which comes across in his whatever he does. Clients can rest assured that when they ask him and Cincera to help they need look no further as their approach to what the clients needs is second to none. Professional, honest and full of fabulous ideas that will get you and your company noticed and in front of your competitors. What more can you ask for other than a smile which Bhavik always seems to have. To this end I would not hesitate in referring Bhavik and Cincera onto my associates, colleagues and friends in the safe knowledge that they’ll be looked after.”
Neil Giller, Central Direct Mailing London

“Great guy, great experience and great output. Totally professional. I have had the joy of not only working alongside this company, but also hiring them for myself. Every time the team have been awesome.”
Nishit Parmar, Nishit Parmar Photography

“Cincera created a short promotional video for our website to showcase our company and provide an interactive ‘brochure’ of our services. From initial meet through to final video the team provided an unbeatable service which was highly professional and his creativity was an inspiration. Upon watching the final edit, we knew we had made the right decision to put our faith in them. It would be very hard to find someone more committed!”
Jamie Thacker, Hearn’s Coaches

“Cincera have remarkable talent and are guaranteed to add value to your brand! They understand the customers needs and pay close attention to detail. They add their own creative flare to their work which makes the final product above and beyond your expectations! The one thing among many I admire the most about them is their patience and perseverance to achieve the best results.”
Rahul Sharma, RegencyClubUK

“We worked with Cincera to create a short film on our not-for-profit venture to bring mass literacy to the world’s poor for a fraction of the cost of existing literacy projects. They were involved right from the start and had good creative ideas. Once we got to filming, the team were excellent and understanding what we wanted on the final output. Bhavik was able to realise the vision without us making too many changes and edits to what he had created which was great. The Cincera team also went the extra mile to make sure we got a final video that we could all be proud of. They were a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend them highly enough!”
Ashok Gupta, Media Manager, Tara Akshar

“Cincera produced a wonderful, inspiring and most professional short video of the RSPCA and the Jains working together. They were patient and imaginative and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Cincera to anyone wanting to inspire others through the medium of film and as someone wonderful to know and work with.”
Barbara Gardner, RSPCA Treasurer

“I asked Cincera to produce a trailer for my DVD. They worked very fast. Their work is meticulous, conscientiously done and professionally produced and beyond what I had imagined. They take pride in their work and they are artistically talented. I would recommend them with confidence.”
Viren Patel, YogaForCouplesDVD.com

“I discovered Cincera on Linkedin and worked them on a filming project for one of my clients video. During this time I found them professional, forward-thinking and extremely helpful. They listened and considered the clients wants and needs throughout the entire project. Cincera went above and beyond with their job as film-maker to make sure my project was produced exactly how I wanted it, that my vision was complete. I have no hesitation in recommending Cincera for all of your film needs.”
Sayzana Jansen, Business Coach

“The team at Cincera are courteous and really willing to go beyond the norm. In arranging me a recording studio – they arranged the schedule around me and found a location that would work for me, at a price that I definitely couldn’t have found myself (and I’ve worked in the industry so i know how much studio time costs). I would definitely use them again when I’m recording my products.”
Suzanne Pool, www.nodietdietplan.com

“Thank you SO much for capturing some of the most beautiful moments of the show and the Ekatva message. This film has put the biggest smile on my face! I really hope you enjoyed making it as much as I have watching it. You have done a really wonderful job!”
Laxmi Chayya, Ekatva

“As a business owner and speaker expert, I recognise the need for staying ahead of the game using video. From running long seminars to short weekly TV web video episodes, I call upon Cincera for the young, vibrant and fresh angle they bring to each project. Their work and standard is a breath of fresh air as they try to infuse new ideas and stand out from the crowd. Every business needs to use video in their marketing and I have no hesitation in recommending Cincera for your next project.”
Kavit Haria, Insider Internet Success

“The Winning Mindset – which is the largest annual event for our organisation. Cincera’s enthusiastic work and seamless execution resulted in a fantastic video that really captures the entire event and brings back real memories for all who attended, including myself.”
Bhavik Jayendrakumar Shah, YJ President 2012