On this episode of getDigital, Bhavik interviews Neil Giller, a Direct Mail Marketing Expert and Managing Director of Central Direct Mailing (Euro) Ltd. Their conversation dives deep as they tackle whether direct mail actually works, the modern versus traditional marketing work, networking and much more. Also, stay tuned to hear Neil’s advice facing your fear and going visible online to share your expertise.

  “Do not go try and reinvent the wheel. Start at where you are good at.”

– Neil Giller


00:55 – Neil’s professional and business background.

03:10 – How does a business tract and measure ROI from direct mail marketing.

05:05 – Quality data and how you use it for better marketing results.

07:32 – The best material to send out for direct marketing.

14:12 – Why Neil thinks Facebook is a test.

20:48 – Neil’s take on public speaking and getting an online presence via Facebook Lives.

26:30 – Neil shares his ‘golden nugget’ as a business owner.

29:07 – The importance of writing down your goals.

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