As technology grows, the world becomes more engaged in social media. The way we use media is evolving fast and video is becoming more and more vital. Brands of all sizes are starting to use video to communicate with their audience to keep up with the media trends – car companies are no exception.

The types of videos you can create are endless – you can have a testimonial video, used car video and a promotional video, just to name a few.

Type #1 – Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful types of videos that can help your business grow. By using testimonial videos, your prospects can see how your other clients find your service. It’s very easy to make good things up about yourself when you are promoting your own business. It helps the audience gage the type of service they will receive when they walk into your showroom/garage before they even meet you in person. It also helps to build the element of trust and faith in your company.

Type #2 – Used Car Video

This is one of my favourites – imagine making a quick tour video of a new car which has just come into your showroom?! There are a number of ways you can market and use these types of videos through your marketing strategy:

1. Create an online showroom of your cars – You can use your smartphone to film the cars you are trying to sell and release a video everyday, once a week or once every 2 weeks.

2. Process of fixtures – Sometimes you may get a car that comes in that needs to have some work done before it can be sold. You can film your process of these fixtures and let your existing and future clients see how you work and the work you do; this is a great way for them to see they will be coming to a trustworthy organisation.

Type #3 – Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are probably the most common style of video – a perfect promotional video can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. The aim is to really show the in’s and out of your business; from how you deal with the vehicles, how colleagues interact with each other to what the company means and what it stands for.

Some car companies have gone as far as not even including anything about cars into their videos and simply want to portray the companies mood – for example Volkswagen created a super fun video representing their message:

Case Study – Video #1:

The way they tell their story in this video is done in light hearted, fun way and they truly get their message across as to what they represent as a company. It also has a cool 4.1 million hits on YouTube!

Case Study – Video #2:

Another example is this awesome Kia motors commercial with 4.4 million hits on YouTube:

Hamsters rapping! The company uses awesome visuals and humour to portray the message of their company and what their cars stand for. They give constant references to their car being the ‘it’ car to have and by the end of the commercial you are convinced by these cool hamsters to wonder if you should be buying a Kia.

You, yourself can see how powerful video marketing can be for your company and the number of ways video can be used. To get started on planning your video ideas you can download our free guide here or if you would like to discuss your ideas with us for free, don’t be shy to call us on 0208 123 5147 or fill in the form below.