On this episode of getDigital, Bhavik interviews Nimisha Brahmbhatt, an entrepreneur, and business strategist. Their conversation dives deep into all things startup, how to deal with bad feedback, collaboration, the importance of attending social events and so much more. Also, stay tuned to hear Nimisha tell her key message to someone who wants to start a business.

“Often times it is really not just about your product. It is actually how that product fits into your consumers’s life.”

 Nimisha Brahmbhatt


00:43 – All about Nimisha

01:26 – Her online course project she is currently working on about starting a business

02:05 – Top 3 things to consider before starting a business

03:14 – When is the right time to start a business?

05:12 – How she started her own businesses

08:19 – All about the business plan

09:40 – Business struggles she encountered

10:45 – Her viewpoint as a consultant about getting investors

12:05 – Importance of having a business exit plan

14:04 – Her unconventional tips on what approach to take when entering a market

12:05 – The importance of having a business exit plan

16:51 – How to handle negative feedback

18:18 – Customer-centered marketing, social media marketing, and direct mail marketing

21:21 – The importance of having a call to action

22:24 – Her thoughts on collaboration

24:24 – What competition means for Nimisha

24:32 – Importance of networking in growing your business

29:08 – Your end goal and big why as your main driver

30:27 – Nimisha’s struggles when in trying to break the ceiling because of gender, color and background

32:42 – Nimisha shares her big WHY

35:05 – Her take on venturing on seasonal business

36:05 – Value marketing and benefits of giving freebies

38:44 – Nimisha’s key message to someone who wants to start a business

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