Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back drives us.

We are here to give back.

To make our films the best they can be, we believe our business needs to be run in the best way it can be. Whilst providing a high service is always our number one priority, we firmly believe in ‘giving back’ where possible.

We are committed to becoming involved in a range of fundraising and awareness initiatives with local and international charities.

As our business grows, in turn does our level of charitable involvement. Together, we can contribute to some of the world’s most pressing issues, building healthy economies and sustainable communities over time.

CAREducation Trust

CAREducation Trust is working to provide education and vocational training within less developed parts of the world such as India and Africa where missions of children live below the poverty line. What we love about CAREducation is they work on the basis of zero admin costs. 100% of the donations received reach directly at the grass root.

The Youth Project

The Youth Project is an incredible project for the youth, by the youth. The foundation is based on the believe that everybody should have equal opportunities regardless of their personal circumstances. Their goal is to inspire other young people to value this same belief as the core members do. This is a platform to empower young people.