So you want to create a video blog, but you’re not sure where to start?

I know it’s difficult when you’re starting out – as you may be shy, or not know how to present etc. It’s important to just try as you’ll never know until you try. Here are some tips which will help – don’t let the camera intimidate you!

1. Topic

It’s important to ensure you know the topic you are talking about and it’s so vital you are passionate when on camera. Whether it’s your business, brand or hobby your audience needs to be engaged and if you’ve not got that spark, you can guarantee that they won’t be.

light-bulbs-1125016_19202. Audience

Who is your target audience? Look at your current social channels and explore who is interacting with you the most. Are they male or female, what about their age group? Are they coming to your page mostly via a mobile device? Top tip: If you don’t know currently who your audience are, look at your competitors and influencers – what video bloggers do you admire? Why are they succeeding? What skills can you harness from them? What could you do better?


3. Get Geared Up

It’s time to get ready for action, but you don’t want to be stood in the middle of a store in awe or intimidation of the huge cameras which surround you! They aren’t as intimidating as they look, as a matter of fact one of the most effective vlogging cameras is one you carry around with you everyday – that’s right your trusty phone. Looking at the rise in Snapchat, Facebook live and Periscope, raw footage is a simple and effective way to get started

4. Scripting Your Video Correctly

Having the perfect script can make or break whether it takes minutes or hours to film your videos. Remember to keep your script as natural as possible. As you record more and more, you’ll learn whether you are the type of person that needs to read the full script or you work better from bullet points. Some inspiration: BBC’s Mantra to inform, educate and entertain – work like that!

writing-923882_1920Hit the record button – You’re ready to go and before you know it you’ll be like Jenna MarblesJulien Solomita or well maybe not quite just yet, but still. What are you waiting for? Go and hit that button!




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