On this episode of getDigital, Bhavik interviews Al Tepper, a Marketing Architect and Founder of TepFu, a disruptive marketing agency that offers Interim Marketing Strategy & Leadership for that guaranteed ROI. Their conversation dives deep as they tackle what disruptive marketing is all about, how you can implement it in your business and how you can use it for relationship building. Also, stay tuned to hear Al’s valuable tips on how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  “If you are trying to win business, you’ve got to either outspend or outthink your competition.”

– Al Tepper


01:10 – What Al does and the services TepFu offer

03:13 – Al defines disruptive marketing

04:32 – How you compete disruptively through earned media

04:40 – Building awesomeness to your brand

05:32 – Markets Are Conversations – The Cluetrain Manifesto

06:00 – How to implement disruptive marketing

10:19 – Al talks about Death of Data, Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and GDPR

14:03 – Pushing marketing back to the channel, how marketing will build dataset again

15:44 – Putting content on LinkedIn for your B2B market

17:47 – Al’s 3 Valuable Tips to Optimize Linkedin

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