Facebook Video has been around for a while however it’s just started making some noise recently. If you haven’t started uploading your videos to Facebook, you are leaving a lot behind on the table.

Here are some tips to help you once you have hit the record button.

Tip 1: Consistency

You must remain consistent when it comes to your content, you need to have strategic goals and aims in place. If you’re not sure of your goals then you need to go back to the drawing board – who is your audience? What appeals to them? What are you trying to achieve?

Ensure you’ve got set days and times in place to post your videos, it’s all about creating an imprint, a lasting impression. That takes time, but if people see you consistently on their feeds, they will remember you,

freebootingTip 2: Valuable Content

Content is everything, you need to make sure your content is valuable. Don’t just post that ‘you can’t wait for your bacon sandwich this morning’, unless you’re a butcher or a cafe owner, people don’t want to see that. They want you to inform, educate and entertain and that’s what you need to do.

Everything you deliver should bring value to your prospects.

Define a Facebook Strategy and remember your audience will be different to that of YouTube, just like your Twitter and Pinterest would be.

Tip 3: Highlight your Video

Highlighting your video is key, pin it to the top of your profile for people to see. Make sure what you’re pinning is correct too. Some of these might include: your best performing updates, an update that received a lot of favorites/shares or comments, an update with a link, a well optimized, high converting page on your site, Inspirational quote/ funny video or announcement of a new product.

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