2014 was the year that video marketing came of age. The reason for this was that more and more businesses, and a lot of marketing people at all levels, started to really look at creating truly unified content marketing campaigns.

2015 Marketing Campaigns – Is yours ready?

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This move towards unified content marketing started to happen when Google began rewarding people for great content, rather than having lots of links to any content.

It became obvious that great content supported by highly relevant video content was the key to retaining and converting more visitors.

On top of that, technological advances and lowering price points have meant that more and more people are able to view video on the move using a multitude of devices.

So in 2015 this trend is set to increase dramatically. If you want to keep your marketing hot then you need to look at using video at the heart of your strategy this year.

Corporate Video Production in LondonFive Ways To Incorporate Video Into The Heart Of Your 2015 Marketing Campaign

1. Share your big business announcements via video

not only is video great for sharing, it is also great for conveying a key message in a small amount of time. People attach value to video and engage with it instantly, giving you the chance to get your marketing message into their mind in just a few seconds.

2. Use video for customer testimonials

There have been several high-profile news stories in 2014 about people or companies faking testimonials and reviews, especially in order to try and destroy competitors. By using video, you tell your potential customers that you have gone the extra mile to prove that your testimonials are real, and also benefit from the human emotion that only video can convey to a potential customer.

3. Share your wealth across all platforms

Make sure your video is embedded into your website, linked to through your email and social media marketing campaigns and spread across other video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. If it is useful and engaging, spread it far and wide.

4. Use video marketing inside your email marketing

Look into how you can embed video into your emails. If you won’t, or can’t, then look at taking a high quality screenshot that encourages people to click. YouTube is great for this, as it’s now a familiar video screenshot that people trust to click on. By doing this you maximise your click through rates and can then engage them with further content on your own website.

5. Look at video diaries and blogs

A great way to engage with your customer base is to look in their eyes. People love to buy from people they trust and seeing the passion in you talking to them directly about the trials and relations of running a business, especially from an informal viewpoint, can be gold dust. Even talking about your mistakes can work well for you as people will see your honesty as a sign you have integrity in business.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The key point here is that video content needs to be integrated into the heart of your 2015 marketing campaign and flow through it.

If you are not using video in your marketing campaigns then you are definitely now falling behind the curve.

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By Bhavik Haria