Podcasting is the future of storytelling

If you’re looking for a podcast that is professionally produced, distributed and promoted without doing all the work, you are in the right place.

It’s no news that video marketing is crucial for business. However, if you are not comfortable of standing in front of the camera or shooting your own videos, audio can be a great replacement. We have invested in all of the best technology to produce high-quality podcasts and mastered how to distribute and promote. We handle all the techy things so you can focus your energy on engaging and growing your audience.

Our Packages

Editing Only

£ 750

Per Month

• Editing of up to 6 episodes (totalling no more than 4 hours of recording)
• Podcast raw files to be provided by you
• Removing unwanted content (long pauses, Umm’s/Ahh’s etc)
• Mixing, mastering, noise reduction and EQ compression
• High output exports to MP3 and WAV
• Adding music to accompany intro/outros/ad breaks
• Quick turnaround (3-5 business days)
• Show Notes: A timestamp-based bullet point list of key points in the podcast

• Up to x6 edited podcasts (sent via digital download)
• Up to x6 timestamp bullet points (one per episode)

Recording Only

£ 850

Per Month

• Up to 4 hours recording on-site (record as much as you want within this time!)
• A podcast producer to help you with best practices
• Recorded with leading industry audio equipment
• We bring the audio studio to you
• Inclusive of recording intro/outros/ad breaks

• Raw audio files (sent via digital download)

PodcastPlusMost Popular

£ 1850

Per Month

• All of package 1 and 2
 Full video recording of podcasts
 Full video transcript
 Uploading the complete podcast directly to the host platform
 x2 15-30 second social videos to help promote the podcast
 x4 Behind the scenes photos

• Raw audio files (sent via digital download)

Case Study: ‘Don’t Sleep On It’

Podcast Production Agency London

We worked with serial entrepreneur Kavit Haria to produce a podcast series based on his brand new book ‘Don’t Sleep On It‘. This was an exciting project as we recorded some episodes at our studio, some on location and also some internationally.

Our Podcast Production Process

1. Creation & Launch Strategy
  • Reviewing your current content
  • Setting new goals
  • Podcast strategy
  • Brainstorming the show name, format and frequency
2. Episode Planning & Production
  • Content, scripts and guests
  • Post-production marketing plan
  • Audio post-production
  • Editing any minor errors
  • Comprehensive show notes creation
3. Hosting & Distribution
  • Audio hosting
  • Distribution to all major platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify etc)
  • Social media marketing assets
  • Access to analytics to track growth

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