Black Qubd

Furniture for your home or place of work.


Black Qubd was launched by Harri Dhokia, who’s a London based designer with over 15 year’s experience in properties renovation. ‘Sringara’ Collection is the first release of a carefully designed range inspired by traditional Indian tie-dye fabric commonly known as ‘bandhini’.


Black Qubd’s main aim was to give potential buyers a sense of what it is like to own one of their products. Raising awareness to the brand by showing the environment and age demographic that the product applies to was key to achieve this goal.


The team at Cincera began coming up with various interesting concepts and creative ways to accomplish this task. Our favourite was one that told a short story of a couple hosting a small social gathering with their friends. This approach allowed us to both show the age demographic and an environment that the product would suit.


Black Qubd now have a film they can proudly share which introduces the products and it’s core unique features. We also took the ‘abstract’ approach to help with social sharing, hoping bloggers would feature the content on blogs.