FutureBricks is a fast growing peer to peer lending platform for property investment. They bridge the gap and help tomorrow’s future invest in property developments with returns much more than your typical investments or the bank. We have worked with them over the past 24 months to produce campaign videos, social media videos, developer case studies and more recently, a crowdfunding video for their Seedrs campaign.

The video was produced within a very short time frame and with a minimal team due to social distancing. We’re over the moon that FutureBricks manage to overfund within a few hours, and go ahead over 350%!

Developer Case Study Videos

Cincera has been part of our team every step of the way, seamlessly integrating themselves into our creative processes. From making sure that details are given their due attention to being available for every member of our company, their dedication has allowed us to enjoy the artistic process so much more! FutureBricks is proud to have Cincera give meaning to the concepts we have imagined, from video production to animations to images and document design, they have stepped in to ensure all grounds are covered.

Qiu XiaMarketing Lead, FutureBricks