GMSP Foundation

God My Silent Partner


GMSP Foundation invests in women and girls as agents of transformative change in the UK and India. They asses and measure the impact and sustainability and always seeks out dynamic and capable leadership. They really stand out as they partner with local organisations at the grassroots level that have local knowledge and relationships.


We’ve partnered with GMSP Foundation on numerous occasions however more recently, we were commissioned to produce a film which introduces GMSP in a few seconds. The film included the founders along with some visual images of the work they carry out in Asia.


We were on a tight deadline as the film was required for a launch event. We wanted their sincere message to create as big of an impact as possible so the founders of the organisation delivered their message directly into camera. We wanted it to feel as if the founders were talking directly to the viewers.


The film was very well received at the launch event. Within the space of 100 seconds, the video introduces GMSP Foundation, their values and examples of the work they do.

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