The Regency Club

The Regency Club is a bar and grill in North West London. They first opened doors in 1991 and since then, the business has become very well known with the local community with also fans who travel hours to eat here. We love their ethos of 80% passion and 20% business.


The Regency Club has always been forward thinking, always ahead of the industry and their competition. The brief was to produce a video which showcases the restaurant in itís natural environment. This means the hustle, drinks being poured and food being prepared.

Cincera have remarkable talent and are guaranteed to add value to your brand! They understand the customers needs and pay close attention to detail. They add their own creative flare to their work which makes the final product above and beyond your expectations! The one thing among many I admire the most about them is their patience and perseverance to achieve the best results.

Rahul SharmaThe Regency Club