Our Content Marketing Manager Eila shares with you her top 3 tips for when you produce your next video(s). By mastering these 3 areas, you’ll be able to shoot videos like a pro!

Before you hit the record button, here are our top 3 tips and why they’re important.

1. Light your way

Lighting is one of the most important aspects when recording a video, the subject needs to be well lit afterall. Make sure that you’ve moved the light stands around and that the lights aren’t visible in the shots unless intended to be.

BlogGraphics[TopVideoTips]1Why is lighting important?

Lighting not only determines the mood of the video but also the quality of your project. Look into your business’s brand and ask yourself how you want to be represented. Is it with a very vibrant bright feel? Or perhaps a side light to bring out a more harsh feel?

A good tip is to have a look at other companies similar to yours and see what lighting techniques are commonly used within your industry.

Imagine watching a product commercial – if the lighting was badly lit, what’s the likelihood of you purchasing the product? (We’re guessing it’s slightly less). Plus you’ll have to spend more time editing. Even basic lighting can make a huge difference. One technique that is known by people within video production is three point lighting. VideoMaker (tag them in this or their page) has a great simple quick video on this! Click here to watch.

2. Sound – Sorry what?

Sound is crucial. First you have to make sure the microphone is plugged in, turned on and the sound levels are up. Don’t forget to check through the headphones too!

BlogGraphics[TopVideoTips]2Why is sound important?

Good sound makes your video clear and very easy to understand. Having sound which is perhaps distorted and difficult to hear can detract from it’s success and can distract the viewer from understanding the core message.

If you’re nervous about speaking on camera, Kaya shared some great tips on how to be confident on camera and overcome your fear.

Alternatively, there are voice-over artists you can hire – this can ultimately save time when producing the video and effectively capture your target audience.

Remember that to create a successful video, sound can not be overlooked. Sound shouldn’t be an afterthought for post-production, it’s an essential component that needs to be considered throughout the process from preproduction to post.

3. Focus Focus Focus.

Last but not least – focus. Make sure you check the focus on your camera. A great tip is zoom into the subject’s eye for maximum clarity.


Why is focus important?

Focus enhances your subject and gives maximum detail whereas an unintentionally out of focus shot can be distracting to the viewer, removing your audience from the video – even if the content is gold. However if you intentionally want to blur out the background for your storytelling to bring the audience’s attention to something specific (like the main speakers story), then it’s always worth playing around with.

When focusing, the lens element moves closer or further from the image sensor depending on which direction you rotate the focus ring. Once the light is converging on the image sensor, you should have a focused image.

Proper focusing techniques will ensure that your audience sees precisely what you want them to see at all times, giving your video a polished look.

So that’s all everybody – Eila’s top 3 tips to get you started using video. Now you know, why not give it a go and comment telling us how you get on tomorrow?

Or better yet show us! There are no excuses now… we’ll be waiting.

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