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I’m an Estate Agent, How Do I Use Video in my Marketing?

Property is a long-established industry with well known, traditional forms of marketing such as newspapers and shopfront windows. However, in recent years more innovative forms of advertisement such as video marketing has evolved and are now dominating. As a result, an urgency to move online has become evident but many estate agents haven’t yet ventured into the online world. In a competitive visual market, like that of estate agents, you need a competitive visual strategy, which is what we assisted Infinity Property Solutions in doing. Take a look. Here’s how you can stay innovative with the most common styles of videos for estate agents:

1. Business Introduction Videos

This is the kind of business-related video you’d expect to see. It’s the most informative in terms of what the company does. Introduction videos will give an overview of the business, the services offered and the industry it sits in. Having a couple of videos explaining the company from a high level is ideal, as well as taking it a step further with shorter videos for each core offering.

2. FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are as self-explanatory as they sound. Even by being on the FAQ page of your site, this suggests potential consumers are interested in the service offered. So, by turning questions and text into video, this is likely to provide more engaging and memorable content, thus increasing conversions.

3. Meet the Team

It is all about humanisation with brands in today’s world. Business-to-business and business-to-consumer no longer exists, it’s now about being human-to-human. By turning the ‘Meet the Team’ page into a set of videos, potential clients and customers are able to familiarise themselves with the company through the people that work for it and instantly build an implicit bond with the brand.

4. Case Studies

And hey, why not take the humanisation process of building your brand further by converting client work into case studies. As with FAQ videos, by having a video instead of text, not only are previous clients able to vocalise their positive feedback, but it is more memorable to new clients compared to written feedback. Client testimonials are also a simulation of ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation – the most effective form of marketing.

5. Property Tour

The property industry is an extremely visual one, and buyers often choose to buy based on the aesthetic properties of a house. Using video is a perfect way to display the features of a property, its’ unique selling points and other finer details. It’s also a quicker way for potential buyers to view the property initially without having to physically view it.

These are all great ideas for estate agencies to get ahead of the ‘online curve’ using video, stay ahead of their rivals in a face-paced industry fuelled with competition whilst providing engaging and memorable content to buyers.

What do you think? Have you used any of these types of video for your online marketing strategy?

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