Video Marketing For PlumbersMany people wouldn’t expect video marketing to be important for a plumber, however it can play a vital role in helping your business grow. Most people have experienced an untrustworthy plumber once in their lifetime and aren’t always quick to trust another. Video helps you to build that trust very quickly by letting the audience see you in action and that you dYouTube_logoo your job well!

If you are looking to reach a greater audience, having a YouTube channel is essential – it will lead to a higher conversion rate and bring the ranking of your company search online higher.

Did you know that YouTube is the largest search engine on the Internet for video?

Shooting a video isn’t as complicated as it seems, you don’t need a huge budget, it can be as simple as filming it on your smartphone. The essential aspects are to plan the content you are filming, so for example; write a basic script or plan what questions you want to ask your clients if you are filming a testimonial. Your content needs to be visually stimulating and implementing an intro and outro to create a whole package to represent your plumbing company.

TOP TIP: When creating your video(s) remember to always incorporate your contact information – phone, address- and strong call to actions. The ultimate aim of every marketing tool is to make yourself easily accessible to customers. This will automatically help to increase your conversion rate.

Check out how video helped boost this business:

The next step would be to optimise your video. It’s actually best to get expert help here – so a company like Cincera can easily help you do this for a very small investment. This will then help you be more visible on Google. The ultimate aim is to be at the top for your local market, for example: “Plumber in Elstree”.

It’s always a good to start with creating an introductory video for your business. We recommend uploading this to your YouTube channel, then embedding it on your website homepage.The perfect duration for your video can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, highlighting the key aspects of what makes your company unique, what services you provide to your customers that others may not for example Pimlico Plumbers provide a within the hour service.

video marketing for plumbers

After your initial introductory video has been created it is important to have regular and frequent video updates on your channel. This helps to keep you engaged with your audience, build a greater following and allow your audience an insight into your work. It’s great to create videos based on your main services, potential How-To videos for simple home fixes are a great for engaging your audience and FAQ videos – just to name a few.

One of our favourite ways of using video is video testimonials and case studies. After each job, why not film your client on your smartphone – just speaking for 30 seconds talking about their experience. This is brilliant material to market. You can then upload it on social sites which they are members off, and get them to share. This will instantly drive more traffic to your website. The possibilities are seriously endless!

This video is a perfect example of how to use case studies and testimonials:

You want visitors to stay on your website for a long period of time, not only to increase your engagement but this also helps Google take a special interest your company and move up your page placement on Google search.

Video helps you create a personal relationship with your potential customers and lets them really see how well you provide your services. They gain a hands-on insight into you work.

To start planning your video now download our guide right here. You can also call us to have an informal chat to talk ideas on 0208 123 5147 or you can fill in the form below and we will call you!