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YouTube Vs Vimeo: Which Is Best For Business?

By February 10, 2015 No Comments

YouTube Vs Vimeo - Online Video MarketingWith the growth in the speed of mobile networks and the ability to deliver content, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to create promotional video content to better market themselves.

With the proliferation of different devices, mixed with the ability of video to increase engagement and the taking of action, it’s important that video is part of your marketing mix.

But when it comes to uploading your marketing content to a third party video streaming website, is the decision simple?

Many companies want to focus on marketing via only one third party platform, which means they usually want to choose between YouTube and Vimeo.

So which of these sites is better for marketing business videos?

The Benefits Of YouTube For Promoting Video Content

The biggest benefit of YouTube is its reach. Every month more than 1 billion people visit YouTube. At least 6 billion hours of video delivered by YouTube are watched every month.

These are incredible statistics. When you add to that the fact that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, and that the world’s first largest search engine is its parent company Google, then you can see why you to is a powerful choice.

Promoting Business Video Using YouTube - YouTube Vs VimeoYouTube is completely free to use and is easy to get started with, making it a great choice for the beginner marketer. On top of that you can extend your reach through paying for extra promotion using Adwords for video.

The key to success on YouTube is personalising your channel. If you make it appear professional, unique and interesting then your high quality business videos will encourage people to delve deeper and share more.

The Benefits Of Using Vimeo For Promoting Video Content

Promoting Your Business Video Using Vimeo - YouTube Vs Vimeo

Vimeo simply cannot compete with YouTube in terms of its reach and traffic, therefore in discussing whether it appeals to promoting business video, we have to look at what is important to the business viewer.

Its interface is less cluttered and because there is less spam uploaded to Vimeo you are likely to only see higher quality content alongside your own.

Because the site is seen as a more serious video makers venue, comments you receive on your videos are likely to be more positive. If you look at the comments on an average YouTube video, there is language in there that would make your mother weep, as well as opinions on display that would be more at home in the dark ages.

So in terms of being taken seriously and not suffering embarrassing distractions,Vimeo has a lot more potential for the business user.

What’s The Verdict?

But overall we feel that the pros of using YouTube far out weigh the pros of using Vimeo. Unless your business is one that relies on an incredibly clean and focused image, then the benefits YouTube can offer you are massive.

Also, because it is owned by Google you know that you are going to be prioritised either now or in the future over content from third-party video streaming networks. It makes sense to make your home on YouTube right now.

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